Welcome to my Home !

Doko Software (dokosoft.com) is home to the work of Doruntin Koci.

I am a Software Developer,Mechanic, Reverse Engineer and Creative Coder based in Germany.

Early 2000's I've been started Developing Windows Apps/Tools for my needs and for my friends using Visual Basic & C programing languages. One of my early Windows Apps is Pen Drive Copy hosted on Softpedia. ( I'll work on this app for new update is on my ToDo list)

Since 2008 I started learning Objective-C,C++,OpenGL and developing indie iOS applications. I'm also an active Open Source enthusiast and contributor.

My passion is real-time graphics programming, creative coding, generative art and learning/experimenting digital art algorithm.

Primary Tools I use are: Xcode, Visual Studio IDE, CodeLite, Atom, Sketch.

Programing Languages I know are: Visual Basic(6), C++, Objective-C, C, OpenGL/ES.

Frameworks I use are: OpenFrameworks, Cinder, Proccessing.

If you have any question feel free to contact me via e-mail.

By Doruntin Koci